FOSCL kicks off School Partnerships Program for New School Year

November 15, 2022

The Friends of the South Coastal Library (FOSCL) School Partnerships Program kicked off its 2022-2023 season with three author events at its two partners schools, Lord Baltimore Elementary School (LBES) and the Indian River School District Early Learning Center (ELC).

“Bringing authors to the classroom encourages students to read and write more, helps motivate reluctant and struggling readers, and offers a chance for students to see a real person talk about their creative career,” representatives said.

On Oct. 6, an audience of kindergarteners and first-graders took in John Hadfield’s presentation “Science is Everywhere!” as 160 students had the opportunity to participate in the live program, an encore for Hadfield, who last presented at LBES as part of the FOSCL School Partnership Program in 2119.

Hadfield said he is actually kind of shy, but interested young students look on as John raps in “The Science Show.” For more information about “Science is Everywhere!” visit

On Oct. 12, local author Allison Wiest presented two separate events to Grades 4 and 5 at LBES. Her presentations, focused on the art and science of authorship, helped children understand how writers generate ideas, themes and subjects for a book. She used her “Roaming Riley” series as the jumping-off point for the conversation, with 50 copies of “Roaming Riley: Delmarva” purchased by FOSCL and made available to fourth- and fifth-grade students at LBES.

Wiest was an elementary school teacher for 12 years, but has had a passion for writing since she was young. In 2018, she left her teaching position to finally write the story that had been developing in her head for over five years. “Roaming Riley: A Delmarva Adventure” is her first novel in what will be a series of books about Riley’s adventures around the world. She lives in Selbyville with her husband, two daughters, three cats and a dog. To learn more about the Roaming Riley adventure series, head to or on Instagram at @allisonwiest_author.

Local author, FOSCL to bring ABC book to Lord Baltimore students

Mar 15, 2022

The Friends of the South Coastal Library (FOSCL) will host local author Joanne K. Guilfoil with Lord Baltimore Elementary School on Tuesday, March 29.

The FOSCL School Partnership Committee’s spring program with the school will bring together local author Guilfoil with 190 first- and second-grade students and their teachers to explore Guilfoil’s book “The ABCs of Flying Over Delmarva,” one of a number of books Guilfoil has written about life on Delmarva.

In the paperback book about Delmarva aircraft, designed for young readers, each alphabet letter is portrayed with a large color photo of an airplane or pilot, a drawing to color and words that rhyme.

First- and second-grade teachers at the school will receive a copy of the colorful book for inspiration and show-and-tell. Students will each get their own copy of the companion activity book, All of the books will have a bookplate identifying FOSCL as the book donor.

Throughout her own elementary school years, Guilfoil was a non-reader and reluctant student, she noted. For six years, she turned in the same book report, re-copied from the book cover, because she could not read very well. Finally, her sixth-grade teacher sent her home with a book and note to her parents. Thanks to him, she slowly began to read.

“Bringing authors to the classroom encourages students to read and write more, helps motivate reluctant and struggling readers, and offers a chance for students to see a real person talk about their creative career,” organizers noted.


Now in its sixth year, the School Partnership Committee works closely with Pamela Webb, LBES principal, and Amanda Miller, reading specialist, who work with teachers to identify programs and projects to benefit students.

The Lord Baltimore - Friends of South Coastal Library partnership also offers an opportunity to introduce students to the free resources, programs and activities offered through the South Coastal Library as well.

Founded in 1988, FOSCL is a non-profit, all-volunteer fundraising organization dedicated to providing support for the services and resources of the community library. FOSCL raised the money to build the library on Kent Avenue in 1994, and in 2006 raised more than $2 million to expand the Kent Avenue library to its current size.

FOSCL works to enhance library services beyond what would otherwise be possible. Lectures, films, craft workshops, exercise programs, dance lessons and musical presentations at South Coastal Library are offered at no cost to patrons because of the support of the Friends of South Coastal Library.

In addition to sponsoring children’s school and library programs, FOSCL provides the resources to enhance special library book collections; provides access to media collections; makes essential technology available to library patrons, including copying, computers and an electronic charging station; provides furnishings for the patio, expanding usable space; and supports property landscaping and care. FOSCL raises the funds for all of its projects by offering community events such as the annual Beach & Bay Cottage Tour and the Summer Book Sale.

Anyone interested in becoming a Friend of the South Coastal Library and supporting projects like the School Partnership, can contact FOSCL at (302) 537-5828 or for more information. For more information on Joanne Guilfoil, visit